I wrote a Pintool that feeds Cheetah, a multi-configuration simple cache simulator, with instructions from my x86 programs. Note that this tool currently only works with the LRU simulators (not OPT or FA).

How to obtain cheetahtool

  1. Obtain and install Pin
  2. Obtain my Pintool (includes libcheetah).


Assume Pin is installed in /tmp/pin-2.0-2244-gcc.3.4.2-ia32-linux. Assume cheetahtool has been downloaded to /tmp
% cd /tmp
% tar xzvf cheetahtool.tgz
% setenv CHEETAHTOOL /tmp/cheetahtool-0.1
% setenv PINHOME /tmp/pin-2.0-2244-gcc.3.4.2-ia32-linux
% cd $PINHOME/cheetahtool-0.1
% tar xzvf libcheetah.tgz
% cd libcheetah
% patch -p1 < ../patch_64b_c++.txt
% rename .c .cc *.c
% cd ..
% make

Using dinerotool

The cheetahtool package contains a README which with sample commandlines.


If you use this tool in your research please cite:
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Comments and bugs welcome