I wrote a Pintool that feeds Dinero, a multi-configuration cache simulator, with instrutions from my x86 programs.

How to obtain dinerotool

  1. Obtain and install Pin
  2. Obtain Dinero 4 release 7
  3. Apply the following patches:
  4. Obtain my Pintool


Assume that everything is downloaded to /tmp.
% setenv PINHOME /tmp/pin-2.0-2244-gcc.3.4.2-ia32-linux
% tar xzvf /tmp/dinerotool.tgz
% cd dinerotool-0.1
% tar xzvf /tmp/d4-7.tar.gz
% cd d4-7
% patch < /tmp/patch-stream.txt
% patch < /tmp/patch-c++.txt
% patch < ../removemain.patch
% cd ..
% patch < /tmp/patch.4229
% make

Using dinerotool

The dinerotool package contains a README which with a sample commandline.


If you use this tool in your research please cite:
  1. Hill, Mark and Jan Edler. Dinero IV Trace-Driven Uniprocessor Cache Simulator. Feb. 1998. http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~markhill/DineroIV/
  2. Chi-Keung Luk, Robert Cohn, Robert Muth, Harish Patil, Artur Klauser, Geoff Lowney, Steven Wallace, Vijay Janapa Reddi, Kim Hazelwood. "Pin: Building Customized Program Analysis Tools with Dynamic Instrumentation," Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI), Chicago, IL, June 2005.
  3. Barr, Kenneth. Dinerotool. October 2005. http://kbarr.net


Comments and bugs welcome