Ken is quiet and resilient.  He likes nature, computers, music, Wolverine football, and Red Wings hockey.  He can relate any life experience to a scene from The Simpsons.  People He loves his family and friends.  He graduated college in 2000, but moved from Michigan to Massachusetts for some more! His dislikes include noisy neighbors and people who don't merge.

Some of my friends have web pages, too. Now that Facebook has come along, it hosts a more complete list. If you're my friend, please find me using my Facebook profile


Since becoming a graduate student, I have had the pleasure of attending conferences in Anchorage, Seoul, San Diego, San Francisco, Munich, and Austin.

In May 2000, I toured Australia with the Men's Glee Club. Ian Tadashi Moore made a great webpage with photos, but it disappeared. Places I also spent a week in New Zealand with Andy and Lance. We saw glow worms with the natives, rolled down a hill in a ball, and bungeed 150' over a river.

I have also spent non-negligible time in the following places (mostly on family vacations, a high school Europe trip, and Michigan Men's Glee Club tours): Anchorage, Alaska; Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Gettysburg; Washington, D.C.; Ohio: Cincinnati, Kent, Akron, Cleveland; Michigan: Midland, Kalamazoo, Oscoda, Traverse City, Glen Arbor, Grand Rapids, Grand Ledge, Detroit; Canada: Wawa, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver; Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Utah, South Dakota, Grand Canyon, California: Sacremento, San Francisco, San Diego, La Jolla, Palm Springs, Riverside, Anaheim, Pasadena, Palo Alto; Europe: Budapest, Prague, London, Paris, Strasbourg, Salzburg, Vienna; Oregon: Portland, Corvallis, Eugene; Seattle, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Madison, WI; Colorado: Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins; Las Vegas; St. Louis.

More to come as I recall them!

Avalon might be considered a virtual place...

Michigan Stadium is home of the Wolverines and the weekly gathering place of 107,521 fans, but I had to travel to Pasadena to see them win the National Championship in 1997. The Red Wings play in Joe Louis Arena and were kind enough to sweep the 1996 Finals in Detroit.

I had a wonderful time at Andover High School.


Sights Back in middle school, my family helped me set up a darkroom in the basement. I don't use it anymore, but I still take lots of pictures -- with an Minolta Maxxum XTsi, or (more recently) a Canon S400  I make scrapbooks with them and have posted a few for your viewing pleasure.


I was a DJ at our high school radio station (WBFH!) and I've been an alternative music fan ever since... Sounds I am a sucker for Canadian music (especially Canada's unique folk/pop). Here a few bands I like that happen to be from Canada: Sloan, The Odds, Stan Rogers, Moxy Fruvous, Barenaked Ladies, The Waltons, Spirit of the West, Blue Rodeo, Rush, and Great Big Sea. I've also heard and enjoyed music from 5440 and the Paperboys, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan. I don't like Neil Young despite his Canadian-ness. I'm also into Techno, Riders in the Sky, a cappella, Bjork, G. Love, and the Golden Palominos. I tried to recall some concerts I've attended. For some reason, I do not like Sting or The Police. U2 is overrated, and I won't listen to DMB whether or not they're good. I'm a big advocate of my friend Derek's band: Down the Line. Check them out!

Good radio shows in Boston: All A Cappella on WERS; Downeast Ceilidh (formerly) on MIT's WMBR; From the Top, Cah Talk, Celtic Sojourn...

I like movies which make you think and/or laugh.

I watch FOX (That 70's Show, King of the Hill, Simpsons, and Malcolm in the Middle) and (mostly animated) reruns (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Seinfeld, and News Radio). I used to watch Northern Exposure. Now that I have Comedy Central, I watch The Daily Show, Glick, and Southpark. Homestar runner and Strong Bad don't have their own TV show -- yet.

I have fond memories of my four years in the Michigan Men's Glee Club. Now I sing with the MIT Concert Choir.

My iPod seem to work now, and I've started listening to podcasts including: This Week in Tech, Mugglecast, On the Media, Wait, Wait, Lullabot's Drupal podcast, and Pennradio.

My Lights Out beeps.


Stories I like to read and write. I rarely get free time to read for pleasure, so it's nice to take classes and be "forced" to read cool stuff. I also try to write a little. Here are some lighthearted articles I've written for the Michigan Daily and EECSpeaks:

I used to read for pleasure often.  Though I rarely get to anymore, I did bring a stack of books to Boston.  Supposedly we have great bookstores, but it's got to be hard to compete with Powell's! If it's my birthday or you're feeling generous/curious, feel free to peruse my Amazon wish list. Having a wishlist helps Amazon make recommendations. Another neat feature are purchase circles.

Here is some MIT Trivia, and here is a light-hearted set of answers to common MIT questions.

In the midst of the scattered VLSI and Distinguished Guest lectures, this was an interesting diversion.


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