SpecINT 1995 Commandlines

Re: Inquiring about Spec95

Steve Raasch (sraasch@zip.eecs.umich.edu)
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 13:09:07 -0500 (EST)

Attached you will find the command lines for the Spec95 INTEGER

Remember that while the binary executables (files with the ".ss"
extension) are publicly available, the data files are only available to
holders of a Spec license.

I believe that these are correct. If anyone finds a problem with them,
please let me know.

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999 ibrahim@fet.ju.edu.jo wrote:

> Dear Todd:
> I would like to ask for the operands/arguments that each Spec95 beanchmark
> takes, or where can I find them. I'll be gratefull then.

Steven E. Raasch Graduate Student Research Assistant
�������������������������������������University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
mailto:sraasch@eecs.umich.edu Office: EECS 2001B
http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~sraasch (734) 764-9363


Test: go.ss 40 19 null.in
Train: go.ss 50 9 2stone9.in
Reference: go.ss 50 21 null.in
�����������go.ss 50 21 9stone21.in
�����������go.ss 50 21 5stone21.in


Test: m88ksim.ss -c < ctl.in {uses ctl.raw, dhry.lit}
Train: m88ksim.ss -c < ctl.in {uses ctl.raw, dcrand.lit}
Reference: m88ksim.ss -c < ctl.in {uses ctl.raw, dcrand.lit, dhry.lit}

NOTES: The file "ctl.raw" must be modified to indicate the correct endian-ness
��������of the other file(s) used.


Test: gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O cccp.i -o cccpi.s
Train: gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O amptjp.i -o amptjp.s
Reference: gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O amptjp.i -o amptjp.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O integrate.i -o integrate.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O c-decl-s.i -o c-decl-s.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O protoize.i -o protoize.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O cccp.i -o cccp.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O recog.i -o recog.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O cp-decl.i -o cp-decl.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O reload1.i -o reload1.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O dbxout.i -o dbxout.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O stmt-protoize.i -o stmt-protoize.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O explow.i -o explow.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O stmt.i -o stmt.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O expr.i -o expr.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O toplev.i -o toplev.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O insn-recog.i -o insn-recog.s
�����������gcc.ss -quiet $FLAGS -O varasm.i -o varasm.s

NOTES: The $FLAGS are: -funroll-loops -fforce-mem -fcse-follow-jumps -fcse-skip-blocks
������������������������-fexpensive-optimizations -fstrength-reduce -fpeephole
������������������������-fschedule-insns -finline-functions -fschedule-insns2
��������For the refernece set: each input files is compiled three times.


Test: compress.ss < test.in
Train: compress.ss < test.in
Reference: compress.ss < bigtest.in

NOTES: The three input files each contain a single line:
����������������"100 q 2131"
����������������"10000 q 2131"
����������������"14000000 e 2231"


Test: li.ss test.lsp
Train: li.ss train.lsp
Reference: li.ss *.lsp {uses au.lsp, deriv.lsp, destrum0.lsp, tak0.lsp, xit.lsp,
���������������������������������boyer.lsp, destru0.lsp, browse.lsp, div2.lsp, ctak.lsp,
���������������������������������puzzle0.lsp, takr.lsp, dderiv.lsp, triang.lsp}

NOTES: The reference set runs puzzle0.lst twice and tak0.lsp, destrun0.lsp, and destru0.lsp
��������three times.


Test: ijpeg.ss -image_file specmun.ppm $FLAGS
Train: ijpeg.ss -image_file vigo.ppm $FLAGS
Reference: ijpeg.ss -image_file penguin.ppm $FLAGS
�����������ijpeg.ss -image_file specmun.ppm $FLAGS
�����������ijpeg.ss -image_file vigo.ppm $FLAGS

NOTES: $FLAGS are "-compression.quality 90 -compression.optimize_coding 0
��������������������-compression.smoothing_factor 90 -difference.image 1
��������������������-difference.x_stride 10 -difference.y_stride 10
��������������������-verbose 1 -GO.findoptcomp"


Test: perl.ss primes.pl < primes.in
�����������perl.ss jumble.pl < jumble.in {uses jumble.dict}
Train: perl.ss primes.pl < primes.in
�����������perl.ss jumble.pl < jumble.in {uses jumble.dict}
�����������perl.ss scrabbl.pl < scrabbl.in {uses dictionary}
Reference: perl.ss primes.pl < primes.in
�����������perl.ss scrabbl.pl < scrabbl.in {uses dictionary}

NOTES: For the reference set: the files "primes.in", "scrabbl.in", and "dictionary"
��������are different from those used for the test and train sets.


Test: vortex.ss vortex.in {uses vortex.raw, lendian.rnv, lendian.wnv, persons.1k}
Train: vortex.ss vortex.in {uses vortex.raw, lendian.rnv, lendian.wnv, persons.250}
Reference: vortex.ss vortex.in {uses vortex.raw, lendian.rnv, lendian.wnv, persons.1k}

NOTES: The lendian.rnv and lendian.wnv files are identical for all test sets.
�������The persons.1k and vortex.raw files differ for all test sets.
�������The vortex.raw file must be modified to indicate the endian-ness.

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